Spring Sijos

We may still be in lockdown, but it is Spring and that at least needs celebrating!

Spotted Pardalote builds a nest in the earth

Conditions for Joy

A seed        incipient      lodging in the right soil       an attention     

patient    to the act of watering         the warmth of lengthening days and the quiet

dark of build and slip and        incremental           unfurling


In warmth of sunshine      and sudden bursts of rain         a blackbird

sings his territory    to me      from fig tree   to lemon   to bougainvillea            his small body

vibrating     with expostulation     and cadence     and the seriousness of his season

What it means to be busy

Their springtime nest      tunnelled   into a warm bank of earth   the spotted pardalotes

are busy as                          a Buddhist monk                    doing chores and

basking            in the first shimmer       of morning light

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