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Liquid Amber Poetry Prize – Longlist Announced!

Liquid Amber Poetry Prize Long List announced! A terrific range of poets responded to the prompt of Encounter – what happens when one thing touches something or someone else? – and somehow the judges selected 55 poems for the long list and publication.

Like us on fb to hear the announcements of the Short List on September 1, winners on October 1. The Poetry of Encounter: Liquid Amber Prize Anthology will be launched at the December 1 Zoom Poetry so get in early with our great pre-publication deal. Thank you, wonderful poetry community!

Liquid Amber Press Poetry Prize 2022 – ENCOUNTER

‘Alchemy,’ © Sharon Monagle 2018

The Liquid Amber 2022 Poetry Prize is now open!

What moments startle us out of our ways of understanding ourselves and the world? What might it mean to encounter the strange skin of the unexpected?

Step out. Take a risk. Write about it.

All poets are invited to join in by exploring the theme ‘The Poetry of Encounter’ – through a provocation of images and words.

Entry form, guidelines and provocation sheet here: https://liquidamberpress.com.au/2022/02/08/2022-poetry-prize-encounter/